It is the mind itself which builds the body
– Joseph Pilates

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Meet Sara O’Reilly…


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Mindful Movements, is a beautiful and contemporary Pilates Studio in Galway, opened in May 2014. Sara’s extraordinary ability to listen, understand and communicate has inspired the early clients of Mindful Movements to embrace the fundamentals of Pilates and Mindfulness in a really positive way, and in doing so, has set them on a path of greater strength, alignment and harmony.Pilates Galway

Sara, an Arts of Dance graduate of Limerick University, is certified in Personal Training, Anatomy and Kinesiology. However, it is in the field of Pilates training that Sara has dedicated her career and, in particular, the teaching of Reformer Bed Pilates.

The establishment of Mindful Movements involved a continuous self progression. Sara’s career developed through the teaching of dance, to the advancement of choreography practice which culminated on a grand scale during the opening ceremony of the Aviva Stadium.

Mindful Movements specialises in Joseph Pilates’ Reformer Bed exercises, which, combined with the skills and expertise of Sara and her team of instructors, has had a dramatic impact on the lives of clients in how they look, feel and move.

Joseph Pilates’ restorative training exercises became mainstream during ‘20’s New York when major dance impresarios recognised the recuperative value of his work on the performance of dancers in film and on stage. Similarly, Sara’s collective dancing experience compelled her to appreciate the value of Pilates as a vital element in maintaining optimum fitness and singular focus in the pursuit of dance perfection. Sara had found her calling and has pursued it with genuine affection and missionary dynamism.

Meet Anna…

Anna’s favourite quote –
‘Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor’.

Anna is an exceptionally qualified yin yoga, aerial yoga and Pilates instructor.
Having graduated with a Masters Degree in psychology, she continued her deep rooted interest in personal development through her studies, in Asia, of Vipassana, one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques.
During the last five years Anna has completed her yoga teacher training with Galway based Yoga Shala, has qualified as a Buteyko instructor and has also completed courses in Aerial Yoga, fascinated as she is by it’s unlimited possibilities and child like playfulness.
Anna is at one with nature, loves the sound of silence but enjoys the wind in her hair. However, at Mindful Movements she embraces the opportunity to share her knowledge and skills in a manner that will enhance and enrich the physical and mental well being of her clients.


Mindful Movements is located centrally at No.14 Liosbaun Retail Park, just off the Tuam Road. On a ground level location, with ample free car parking available, a wonderful new facility has been designed in such a way as to provide maximum comfort within the most modern of Pilates equipped studios.

Mindfulness and Pilates are partners in the appreciation of ‘living in the now’.

At Mindful Movements we encourage you to arrive early so that you can rest awhile in our delightful Relax Room. Soft music, gentle candle light and the sound of tranquil water flow will prepare you for your Pilates class in a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

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Our Reformer Bed studio provides clients with the very latest in modern Pilate equipment. Spacious and light filled the studio is perfect for the most gentle of exercises to the most advanced elements of Pilates procedures. In the interest of client comfort we limit group classes to eight participants during any single session.

To book your individual, clinical or group training session, call us at 091 760044, or contact us at Mindful Movements.