AcroYoga Workshop in #Galway


AcroYoga workshop in Galway

Sunday March 26th 2017

10:30am – 1pm (all levels) …………………………. €30.00 (book me in!)

3:00pm – 5:30pm (intermediate) ……………….. €30.00 (book me in!)

or spend the whole day with us ………………….. €50.00 (yes – sign me up!)

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What is AcroYoga?

Experience a beautiful practice blending the wisdom of Yoga, the power of basic Acrobatics, and the kindness of Thai Massage – this is AcroYoga.

Unlike regular yoga, AcroYoga is practiced in pairs, or groups of 3 or more. The Base participant lays on the floor, the Flyer moves through a series of postures balanced on the Base’s hands and feet, and the Spotter keeps the flyer fully safe while offering alignment cues.


Both Solar and Lunar aspects are represented in AcroYoga.

The Solar side is the fiery acrobatic energy of strength and power, of meeting challenges, overcoming fears and building skills.

The Lunar aspect cultivates metta, developing intuition, compassion and heart-opening through the practice of Thai Massage and Therapeutic Flying. Here, we see the Flyer in a generally passive role, receiving stretches and inversions created by the Base, rather than holding postures with their own power.


Be it Solar or Lunar in aspect, the key to success lies in developing trust and communication with your partner. A first attempt at flying is not as hard as it might appear. It is certain that a level of strength and flexibility helps but fear not, gymnastic experience is not necessary. Good alignment is more important than strength.

Many students make rapid progress after the initial triumph – possibly due to the highly addictive nature of the practice.


#Galway AcroYoga WORKSHOPS


This workshop is open to all levels, including complete beginners, and will cover all elements of the practice. Warming up with a solo Vinyasa flow, we’ll move on to some partner Asana, therapeutic and acrobatic flying, the important skill of spotting, and finish with a guided Thai massage. All welcome, no partner needed for the workshop, just bring your energy and playful spirit!


In this session, we’ll be refining basing and flying skills, working on precise technique to achieve smoother transitions between poses and learning a couple of ‘washing machines’ – sequences that repeat. The emphasis will be on the more acrobatic and playful side of the practice; we’ll have a bit of massage at the end to cool down!

Prior experience of the foundational AcroYoga moves is advised.



Fiona Ashley is a playful and passionate Yogi with over thirty years of experience on the mat. She teaches Vinyasa flow and Acroyoga in West Cork and Cork city, and is a core member of the West Cork Yoga Festival Collective.

In 2013 she completed her Teacher Training in Acroyoga with founder Jason Nemer, to become the first certified Acroyoga teacher in Ireland. She continues to travel for Acroyoga intensives around the world, continually expanding and deepening her knowledge of this practice, in between running workshops to share these skills.

‘’For me, the biggest appeal of Acroyoga is the spirit of adventure and playfulness in a group. Trying new things for the first time, we become like big kids again – peals of laughter are rarely heard in a regular yoga class, and joyful playtime seems to be something many adults have lost sight of.’’
We hope you are curious and want to learn a little more about AcroYoga. Please feel free to ask us in studio this week (or next week) about the Workshop.

We would love to see you there!


All booking for this workshop is online. 

Click here for morning (10:30am Beginners – €30.00)

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Click here for a whole day of flying fun! (10:30am – 5:30pm – €50.00)