Building a Fitness Foundation

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There are five steps to building a firm fitness foundation and they are:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Make your fitness and healthy living desires a priority
  3. Confidence
  4. Ignite and maintaining passion
  5. Building a support network
  6. Here at Mindful Movements, we feel that each and every one of the above steps are of equal importance.

According to Dr. Arnie Kozak, “mindfulness means paying attention with intent, interest and even fascination, and doing so without judgment.” So when it comes to fitness, to be truly mindful, we must be intimately aware of what our bodies are doing and how our bodies react to the way we treat it; It is the mind-body connection that creates that awareness.

Making fitness a priority is hard. There, we’ve said it view publisher site. And healthy living, especially when that concerns cooking and eating the right stuff, at the right time of day, well that is even harder. It is easy to say put your own needs first, especially if we have others in our life (like kids, partners etc) who need or depend on us, but truth be told, people who make fitness a priority in their lives are generally much healthier and happier. So we need to find creative ways to incorporate fitness into our daily routines, then encourage our friends and family members to embrace a more balanced lifestyle. As in all relationships, we sometimes need to schedule ‘we’ time, to make sure we remain connected to our partners, so why not make sure we have a little ‘me’ time too?

Confidence and fitness are the best of friends because with the former, comes the latter. The secret to getting started on the pathway to living a more confident life is simple: ‘Fake it till you make it’ by acting the way you want to feel. When you act confident you begin to feel confident and this, in turn, will help you when it comes time to achieving your fitness goals.

Passion fuels action. We have a friend (in fitness) who states over and over again that ‘work is so bad they gotta pay you to do it’. While this statement always generates a chuckle, we are rather fond of doing what we love for a living here at Mindful Movements. Pursue the things that are worth doing. Don’t embark on your fitness journey by filling your week with exercises you do not enjoy – that is madness! You will find it very challenging to sustain your fitness goals if you are not truly invested and enjoying what you are doing. A small tip especially for those who are embarking on new goals for the new year (aren’t we all??): Think back to your childhood days and the activities you enjoyed doing with friends or siblings. Giving yourself time to reflect on these memories can sometimes spark an idea for activities to include in your new (or current) fitness regime.

We all need support, yet truthfully, it is the hardest thing to ask for. According to the Mayo Clinic having a network of strong healthy relationships allow us to work through challenging times. Seeking out supportive networks of like-minded people and surrounding yourself with others who believe and share in common goals is the key to fitness success. Motivated people typically have a handful of people in their lives they would be willing to drop everything for, and more importantly, they have people who would be willing to do the same for them. You get what you give, right? Supporting others is the ultimate key to receiving the support you need. So offer a kind word, or drop someone a card in the post, or spend time with someone (in real life!) and make sure they know you have their back!

Sometimes, and this surely happens to everyone at some point or another, we lose the run of ourselves here at Mindful Movements. This final point above, Support, is key really. This past week has been a little hectic around here and there is a very good reason why; I need your support!

We entered into the annual SCCUL Enterprise Awards. The process is mostly interview-infront-of-a-panel based and so far, we have had two interviews! We are not all the way to the finals so we are calling in a bit of support for now. Just all the good vibes you can spare is all we need.  We are excited and really proud that we have gotten this far in the process and plan on putting all this interview and question-answering experience down to a great learning experience no matter the outcome.

And in other news … it is hard to get together during the Christmas season, with everyone’s schedules and comings and goings. So, we have held two tables for the Hand-in-Hand charity ball (Children’s Cancer) and we would be delighted if you bought a ticket or two (from us at the reception desk) and joined us on the dance floor for the night! Tickets are €40 per person and this includes a little Prosecco and a four course dinner. We have reserved a few tables close to the dance floor and are looking forward to dancing the night away with you all!

Pilates Fitness Galway

See you at the studio.

Sara x

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