Lemonade for you and the kids

So today’s the day.

The kids are out of school for summer. Maybe you are a parent and are rejoicing at the freedom you will now feel, having been released from the weekly drudgery of school uniforms and lunch boxes.?

Perhaps you are a teacher and in need of a (well earned) break from everyone else’s kids?

Maybe you are a work-at-home parent (and we know that is the hardest job there is!) and the panic has set in because you don’t know you are going to keep the troups entertained for nine  long weeks?

Ok – the first thing we are going to do is take a deep breath.

The second thing we are going to do is schedule time, at least three times a week, to take care of you. This can be a walk on the prom, or a Pilates session right here with me in studio. Or why not schedule yourself for a fun session with Anna flying high (from the silks) in our junior studio with a session of anti-gravity yoga? Come see what all the fuss is about?

Phone or email right now – (091) 760 044 or info@mindfulmovements.ie – to schedule these appointments.

Our new studio schedule is posted right here. Have a look and see if you can squeeze us in for a few summer sessions. You will thank us at the end of summer when you are feeling stronger, leaner and ready for the cooler months.

Great. Now that you have had a minute to collect your thoughts it is time to get cracking on all those summer plans you have. With the promised heatwave next week (hey a girl can dream) why not make this zingy nutritious Lemonade for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Beat the heat with this delicious treat!


I know what you are thinking … Lemon and Parsley? Sounds like something you would have on a fish dish right? But wait just a minute. We are going to share with you a recipe for a kick ass, fortified lemonade that helps reduce inflammation,  and will no doubt help put more pep in your step.

But before I delve into the recipe – and it’s a keeper trust me – why not bookmark this website right here. It is a handy little breakdown of nutrition for just about every bite of food you put in your mouth and although it is not terribly exciting to look at, the data is powerful.

Remember… knowledge is power and we all want to be in the driving seat when it comes to nurturing, caring for and treating ourselves, right?

<img class="alignnone wp-image-528" src="http://mindfulmovements.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Jar-lemonade-300×170.jpg" alt="Jar-lemonade" width="379" height="215" srcset="http://mindfulmovements click for more info.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Jar-lemonade-300×170.jpg 300w, http://mindfulmovements.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Jar-lemonade.jpg 460w” sizes=”(max-width: 379px) 100vw, 379px” />

This recipe is a little of all three – it will load you full of nutrition, it’s a fabulous treat on a warm day, or right after a session at Mindful Movements and it is brilliant to help reduce inflammation.

So what are you waiting for? Drink up!


2 litres water

4 lemons

5 Tbsp parsley (fresh or dried)

2 Tbsp Celery tops (fresh)

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

2 or 3 drops of pure stevia (available at Evergreen Health Stores in Galway)


Slice lemons in half then pour the water into a large pot. Squeeze the juice into the water and drop in the lemon peel aswell. Add parsley, celery and cayenne pepper. Bring to a rolling boil then turn off the heat and leave the liquid to steep for 2 hours. Strain and store in the fridge in glass bottles.

A note on sweetness: Use the stevia if you must, just enough to take the sharpness out of the lemonade. If you are trying to get the kids and the rest of the family excited about it, feel free to add a little local honey or maple syrup to it for added sweetness. But don’t add too much!

Lemon Parsley tea

Ok – have a great weekend and remember ….