Making Lifestyle Changes

You are either one side of the fence or the other when it comes to making lifestyle changes.

Many of you love change, and many of you don’t. And you know what, that is ok. But here is the reality boys and girls … if you are not happy with the way your life is going right now, then lifestyle changes have to be made – and the only one that can do that, is you!

We know this, because we are speaking from personal experience. Right now, life is good. Mindful Movements is growing at a slow and steady rate; it is (mostly) manageable. We have been blessed to find an aerial yoga replacement for Anna (lucky duck off in the Canaries where the sun shines every day!) and we have also found two Brazilian beauties who are here to whip us all into shape with TRX Pilates and Natya Yoga sessions!

Life at home is good. There is nourishing and nurturing with the little man and the bigger burly one. Life is filled with love – lots of it, and there’s more where that came from with extended family and my friends.

But, still, there is this niggling feeling that all is not rosy in the garden.  Admitting we are not happy with certain aspects of our life is half the battle. Acknowledging we would like to make a few changes is another huge challenge. Who has to make that change happen?

We do. If you are reading this and nodding your head in agreement with us, then you know what we are talking about.

The best way to tackle any kind of lifestyle changes is to just make a list of the things we are not happy with. So, we will go first, then you guys will have a template to work from and we can journey this path together.

Lifestyle Changes we are working on right now


  • Exercise – don’t laugh.

Just because we are working at a beautiful Pilates studio does not mean that we exercise a lot. As a matter of fact, there are days when all we do is teach and our step counter only registers a few thousand steps!

  • Food and diet – and by DIET we mean what Did I Eat Today?

Again, being at the studio all day makes it a challenge to adhere to any kind of normal healthy-eating plan. We work over a lot of normal ‘lunchtimes’ then end up raving with the hunger so dash out to grab whatever we can. Then work through sometimes till 10pm … arriving home late and too exhausted to cook.

  • Forms of self harm – don’t freak out.

Just things like doing things that are bad for our bodies like consuming the wrong kinds of food, drinking waaaay too much on a night (in or) out with himself or the girls, or maybe even the occasional sneaky cigarette. We know all these things are bad for us, yet we still indulge. And yes, we know there is that saying ‘everything in moderation’. But then we need to clarify ‘what is moderation’? If it ends up being more than two or three times a week – maybe it’s time to have a little chat with ourselves?

  • Sleep – will we ever really get enough?

If not, why not? Should we put a hammock up in the studio? Should you install one of these at the office? A NASA study showed a nap of just 26 minutes can boost productivity by as much as 34% percent and increase alertness by 54%! Sleeping is more effective than that caffeine boost too!

So now that we have a few things to talk about, how about we share a few solutions to the problems we might all be struggling a little bit with!


So how do we tackle not getting enough exercise in our daily routine?

It’s just not that simple is it? We could plan to get up an hour earlier to go for a 45 minute walk, now that sunrise is happening around 7:15am – but we love our beds, don’t we? And getting up earlier when we are exhausted (because we never seem to get enough sleep!) means your not going to enjoy your walk – initially. However, by the time you get ten minutes into it, you will start to feel a little smug, knowing you got 5,000 steps into your daily step count before you head out the door to work.

If you can’t drag your weary limbs out of bed early, then try standing at work. There are lots of easy modifications you can make to your desk to allow you to use your computer while standing. And while you are at it, practice the 50 min work/10 minute walk practice at work. It is never good to sit  still for more than one hour at a time. Move around. You will feel better and the little break will help keep your stress levels low.

Bowl of fruit

 Food and Diet

Let’s face it. We should be leading by example on this one, and we are not. Hello, have you seen that huge Easter Egg on the reception desk. Well, in fairness it is there to raise funds for Pieta House – but still, we can’t wait to tear into it – so if you win – you must share! Thank you all so much for your contributions to date!

It is high time however, that the chocolate was replaced with a nice big bowl of fruit. Because, if the fruit is there, we are more likely to be tempted by it, and even eat it.

The same goes for a large selection of mixed nuts. Protein is not only essential to helping repair muscles it is an excellent source of energy – so when we hit the afternoon slump, a handful of nuts can go a long way!

Mixed Nuts

Maybe it’s time we installed a little fridge in the back storage room? We could store a few tubs of Greek Yoghurt, or a few slices of Turkey and a block of cheddar cheese there for when we are raving with the hunger. We might even add in a little salad to the mix … and make ourselves a nice Turkey on Sourdough Rye sambo. We know a great baker!

Do you have any ideas to help us with this challenge? Is this something you are struggling with?

Self harm word cloud

Self Harm

First, watch this video. What do you think? The relationship between mindfulness and addiction — from smoking to eating the wrong types of food (hello sugar addiction), or drinking too much, to all those other things we do even though we know they’re bad for us. Can it all be remedied by meditation? Hey – its worth a try!

Sometimes, just simply changing our routine can be the start of breaking a bad habit. If you are used to having a sneaky smoke in the morning with your coffee, then time to start drinking orange juice in the morning and hold off on the coffee for a few weeks. (Easier said than done – but effective!). Or if you are in the habit of drinking the whole bottle of wine on a Friday night, try pouring half the bottle into a carafe, and then pour yourself a large glass of water. For every sip of wine you have, have a sip of water. If you are trying to kick the beer habit, then switch every bottle (or pint) with a bottle of sparkling water! This also works like a charm if you are committed to making the change.



Ok. We all need at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night. Now, we know, if you have little ones, it is impossible for you to get a good run at it, but this too shall pass.

We have found, especially on the nights where we work late, we get home buzzing from the day, have not eaten, then load up on a delicious bowl of pasta (hold the salad and veggies!)  only to feel the carb crash later on the couch watching Netflix. That is all well and good until you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. There are times when we are pulling our hair out trying to just catch some much needed zzzzzzz’s.

So – what to do? Valerian root to the rescue my friends!

What now? Ok – as you know, we are not doctors here but this is a very safe over-the-counter herb which truly does help your body and mind relax, giving you sometimes 7 or more uninterrupted hours of blissful sleep. You can buy this at all pharmacies and at Evergreen Health Food shops under the guise of a little bottle called ‘Dormesan‘ just dilute with water because it is nasty nasty tasting! Or you can buy it in pill/tablet form too under the label Valdrian (60 capsules).

Oh and one more thing. NO TV (or iPads or laptops!) in the bedroom. No looking at your phone either. Lights out, all mobile devices deactivated for the night … Sleep like a baby you will, and then we can all work a little harder at the studio!

Right .. so there you go. A lengthy reflection on where we are right now and some ideas on how to improve our overall quality of life. Any thoughts? Any ideas to help us on our path? Is there anything we can do to help you on your path? We are here to help!


Remember, we have a couple of awesome workshops this weekend (Saturday March 12th) and another Pilates workshop on the books for Saturday April 2nd … so save the date!

See you at the studio!

Sara x

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