Protraction Retraction

Protraction Retraction

A little lesson in Protraction and Retraction this week, to help release the hard working muscles in the middle part of your back. What a week! […] Read More

Neck and Shoulders

Neck and Shoulders

Do you live your life in your neck and shoulders?   If you do hold a lot of stress in your neck and shoulders, then […] Read More

Making Lifestyle Changes

You are either one side of the fence or the other when it comes to making lifestyle changes. Many of you love change, and many […] Read More

Want a healthier New Year?

We all want a healthier new year, don’t we? The holiday season is here and for many of us that means a few extra cocktails, a few […] Read More

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Building a Fitness Foundation

There are five steps to building a firm fitness foundation and they are: Mindfulness Make your fitness and healthy living desires a priority Confidence Ignite […] Read More


Mindfulness before madness

See you at the studio!Кузнечики Sara x PS………… Last week, we booked up our High Intensity Yoga and Pilates workshop slots sooooo fast! Thanks for […] Read More