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Training Pilates Galway

Unless you are living under a rock, SUGAR is the devil this week. No matter how much training or learning you do, a large amount of the Irish population have quite an addiction to the sweet stuff, making it a little more of a challenge to succeed with our valiant efforts.

Training Pilates Galway


We have just cleared the middle of one of the leanest months; Getting through the rest of January should be easy right? Our pockets are lighter and bodies heavier from indulgences made over the festive season. So we have all worked really hard to walk more, train harder, eat less, drink less alcohol and lots more water.

The folks over at the Galway Clinic are sharing a few excellent (short) videos on their Facebook page, which give Healthy Heart tips – from their Cardiologist Dr. Brendan O’ Cochlain. They are worth watching, and as simple as some of the tips are, it is always good to have that little reminder. We only have one body – and now is the time to re-commit to keeping it strong and healthy!

Pilate Training Galway

But, alas, we are only human. Just this week, we fell of the wagon ourselves here at the studio. Not a nibble of chocolate had passed our lips until mid-week, them wham…a Fry’s Chocolate bar lured us into a trap….just one square. Snap. One little bite at a time. Not a chance the whole bar would be consumed. We were being good. But before we knew it, the endorphins had kicked in, the chocolate had taken hold and we ended up doing the dog on it and scarfing a Cadburys cream egg on top of it all.

Training Pilates Galway

We are not proud of this, but decided to share with you, to remind you that we are just human. The next day, we jumped out of bed and got right back to our commitments. We are training and we are learning. Trying to train our minds into wanting to eat a healthier diet of fruits and veggies, and learning that our bodies sometimes crave sugar, perhaps a little to much, and finding the will to fight it, can be impossibly hard.

Training Pilates Galway

Today – is a whole new day.

We are now back on track with a reduced amount of sugar and caffeine in our systems (yeah!) and a commitment to try a little harder this week.

Training Pilates Galway

Remember, we are closing in on our high-intensity reformer Pilates and aerial Yoga workshop (Jan 23rd) and we still have a few slots left for the afternoon sessions. Click here to read all about it.

Right, now back to enjoying the weekend!

See you at the studio,

Sara x


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