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Our mobile app, Pilates MBfit – available on Android & iOS devices – enables you to enjoy pilates anytime, anywhere you wish. It works to your schedule, meaning that no matter how busy you are, you have access to Mindful Movements at the touch of a button.


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reformer pilates class

Get Started

A gentle introduction to the 34 classical mat exercises developed by the founder of the Pilates movement, Joseph Pilates, while including adaptations catering to all students regardless of fitness level or experience.

Mat pilates class

Mat Classes

Combing classical mat work with modern dynamic exercises, these classes help to improve body posture, dexterity and strength. Suitable for all levels as students build their knowledge and endurance over time.

Mat pilates class
reformer classes for beginners


A program for those with access to Reformer apparatus, supporting a more intense and dynamic workout, increasing the range of movement and improving core strength. Suitable for students who are familiar with Reformer Pilates techniques.


'Pilates Lite'

If a full class is not within your current range the Pilates “Lite” Program offers bite sized exercises (5-10 minutes) that allow students to focus on individual body areas, relieving stress whilst realigning, focus on core body muscles.

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Pilates 12 week

Bringing all of the different exercises into one programme designed to take a student to the next level of strength and fitness. See and feel a difference in only 12 weeks, regardless of current experience or ability.

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Live classes

Join Sara’s in-studio mat classes from the comfort of your own home. Each class builds on the student’s capability, with the added benefit of Sara’s live tuition as she expertly guides you through the series of workouts with new challenges each week.

Woman logged in to live pilates classes
Woman using pilates app at home


The application includes an online forum through which members can share their experience in using the app, ask for tips and guidance or simply chat with like-minded peers who are on their own fitness journey.

This body of knowledge is accessible from the moment you install the application, and best of all – you can start your free, seven day trial today.

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